Lao Airlines

Term and Condition
1 Introduction
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2 Terms and Conditions
2.1 Definition
Champa Muang Lao is named of Lao Airlines' frequent flyer programme that offers plenty of benefits or awards reward to passengers.
Champa Muang Lao is defined as "CML" here in after.

'Airline Award' is defined as any award available on Lao Airlines. Lao Airline Awards include Award tickets, Award Upgrades, extra baggage awards and discount at Muang Thong Hotel in Luang prabang (The World Heritage Site).

Award' is defined as the award obtained within the Champa Muang Lao Programme by redeeming Award Miles, in accordance with the policy.

Award Upgrade' is defined as an Award that upgrades to the class of travel one level higher than the class booked with the paid ticket.

As Members of Champa Muang Lao, whenever you travel with Lao Airlines using products or services of Champa Muang Lao programme partners, miles will be credited to your account. You can easily exchange your miles for valuable awards for yourself.
2.2 General Terms and Conditions
1. Unused Miles of a Member will expire after 3 years. The three (3) year period can be calculated from the load date and the expiry date is rounded to the month end
2. Cancellation of redemption award and Miles re-deposits cannot be in any circumstance.
3. Redemption ticket is non-reroute.
4. Name change of redemption ticket is not permitted.
5. Date change for redemption ticket is permitted.
6. Redemption can be made during working day (Mon-Fri) and must be completed online or at Lao Airlines offices at least 1 day before travel date. Open dated tickets are not permitted
7. Claiming mile can be made during 3 months after the flight departure.
8. Transactions that took place prior to a Member's enrolment date may not be taken into account
9. Lao Airlines will issue the Champa Muang Lao cards to the member in two types of cards such as Silver Card and Gold Cards
- Silver Card: customers register CML by completing the application form and have experienced at least one flight of Lao Airlines. Silver Cards will be valid until it is replaced by another card of CML.
- Gold Card: To reach level requirement as experienced at least 30 segments or 10,000 miles in 12 consecutive months. Gold Card will be valid for 3 years from the date of issue. The Gold Card will be exchanged to another Gold Card for the same Member if the Member reaches the requirement of 30 segments or 10,000 miles in period of holding Gold Card of 12 consecutive months. Otherwise, Gold Card will be exchanged to the Silver Card.
2.3 Programme Rules
1. CML is opened for any person age of 2 years or older who has an email address.
2. To participate in CML Program, the applicant must submit a completed and signed enrolment form to Lao Airlines office, or enrol on-line at
3. A member will have only one membership account, in which all accumulated miles and award redemptions are recorded.
4. Membership numbers and accrued mileage are non-transferable from one person to another person or one member account to another member account under any circumstance.
5. Lao Airlines reserves the right to modify the Champa Muang Laos structure, policies, rules, regulations, benefits, procedures, all other Terms and Conditions ("Program Rules") in any time with or without prior notice.
6. Participation in Champa Muang Lao program is subject to Champa Muang Laos Program's Rules.
7. Each member is responsible to read the terms and conditions, newsletters, and account statements in order to understand his or her rights, responsibilities, and status in the program.
8. To ensure you are credited with Champa Muang Lao's Miles, you as members must state your membership numbers every time you book your flight through our reservation centre, website, travel agent or you should also present your membership card when checking-in for a Lao Airlines flight.
9. Airport taxes must be paid by the member for ticket redemption.
10. Lao Airlines reserves the right to terminate the Champa Muang Lao Program at any time.
11. Gold card will be downgraded to silver if passenger does not meet the same requirement in 12 consecutive months.