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Borann L Auberge Des Temples

P.O. Box 2349, Phnom Penh 3Siem Reap, Cambodia
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Borann L Auberge Des Temples is a lovely bungalow style hotel situated in the center of Siem Riep. The stilted bungalow surround a swimming pool, and the overall feel is more like being at a beach, than in the city. This is a small resort with a limited number of rooms, very charming and quiet.

Room Information

The 5 bungalows contain a total of 20 rooms, all having private veranda for outdoor relaxation. Each room is neatly appointed with antique furniture pieces, traditional tiles and sand stone tiles in the bathrooms. Air conditioning units, fan and hot and cold water system are added to provide additional comfort.


P.O. Box 2349, Phnom Penh 3Siem Reap, Cambodia

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Accommodation Style : Hotel
Accommodation Style : Hotel

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